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The Souljazz Orchestra in Greece


October 19 – 22, 2017






Having made their first appearance on the Canadian scene, on the turn of the millennium, the Souljazz Orchestra  never stopped pushing the limits of their personal sound, which is a mixture of soul, jazz, afro, latin and Caribbean sounds, executed by majestic horns, dusty vintage keyboards and a percussion arsenal, capable of causing earthquakes.


The multicultural colloquium has come back to record with the release of “Resistance” in the fall of 2015, which has come to continue the partnership with the British Strut Records. “We’ve reached this album with fresh and fresh ears,”explains Pierre Chretien, lead composer.

“Our goal was to build our new creation on the sound and the central message of the scheme, so what I did was to introduce some of the French influences of the Caribbean, as well as some French-speaking West African, whom I loved since my first youth”. Eventually the new album includes dances from coupe-decale, zouk, and ndombolo that are added to an already rich music pallet of afro, soul and jazz sounds.


Following their previous recordings, the Souljazz Orchestra achieves the writing of lyrics that tie up with the soul of their music and deliver horrible social criticism combined with messages of hope. Recorded with the traditional analogue techniques that the format always uses, “Resistance” is a musical statement, a celebration of social justice and human emancipation.


Formally completing their 13th year of existence, the Souljazz Orchestra continues a journey full of record releases. With Do Right! From Toronto, they released “Freedom No Go Die” (2006, including the single “Mista President”) and “Manifesto” (2008), raising the bar very high to continue with three albums through Strut Records, the impressive “Rising Sun” (2010), “Solidarity” (2012) and “Inner Fire” (2014), which were once recognized as station releases, each in the musical genre they represent, leading the band to nominations for a number of Juno awards Canada.


Until now, Ottawa’s sex has been fortunate to offer his live show experience in over 25 countries across the lengths and backs of the globe, sharing the scene with Stevie Wonder, Bob Dylan and Demi Kuti.


The concert will be opened by the Athenians Afrodyssey Orchestra .



  • October 19: Principal Club, Thessaloniki
  • October 20: Lab Art, Volos
  • October 21: Kyttaro Live, Athens
  • October 22: Giafka, Patra










Multiple locations in Greece.





For further information and ticket booking please contact us.


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