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Panorama Music Festival


July 28 – 30, 2017
New York, USA






The music, art, and technology festival kicks off once again this July. Panorama, a one-of-a-kind celebration of music, art, and technology, is coming to New York City this summer. Presented by the people behind Coachella and the New Orleans Jazz Fest, Panorama will feature headlining artists Frank Ocean, Solange, and Tame Impala, and it’ll also include sets from Nine Inch Nails, ALT-J and A tribe called Quest. The festival will be held July 28-30 in Randall’s Island Park, NYC.


Presented by Golden Voice and The Verge, Panorama in 2016 elevated the experiential potential of what a music festival is through The Lab –  its interactive, multi-sensory space. Capitalizing on the mainstream’s growing interest in art and technology, The Lab featured seven multi-sensory installations by New York-based artists and creatives, within a 70 foot dome that acted as a fully immersive 360-degree Virtual Reality theater.


The Lab heightened the visceral experiences of festival attendees. The exterior of the dome was projection-mapped by VolVoxLabs with an ultra-high-definition multicolored carpet of light. The interior exhibition space, containing the seven installations measured 150 x 30 ft, and could accommodate 400 attendees at a time. At Panorama, attendees were invited to participate in their new audio-visual surroundings. While live music is already a near-religious experience for many, the immersive visuality of The Lab provided a new dimension for people to create a more personal, emotive, and even world-altering experience.






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