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Magical Lantern Festival


January 19 – February 26, 2017
London, UK







The Magical Lantern Festival London is a spectacular fusion of art, heritage and culture. Illuminating outdoor installations of beautifully sculpted lanterns taking various forms.


The festival has entered its second year in London as the UK prepares to celebrate Chinese New Year of the Rooster 2017 and the cultural significance surrounding this extraordinary event. The theme for this year’s festival is: ‘Explore The Silk Road’. Visitors will discover magnificent life-sized and oversized lantern scenes, which represent and highlight this significant route of trade and culture from Europe to Ancient China.


The Silk Road Festival journey begins with a 15-metre wide lantern of London’s Houses of Parliament. Visitors continue their tour by exploring lanterns related to the Silk Road representing Europe, Central Asia, Arabia, Egypt, Persia, India and Ancient China.


The entertainment area adds another dimension to the experience with an international range of food and beverage vendors, festival merchandise, a fully equipped synthetic ice-rink, an authentic ice bar, virtual reality gaming experience and a mini funfair and games.




Explore the Silk Road lantern trails: 

The ‘Silk Road’ was chosen as the festival theme for 2017 due to its historical significance. A very current topic of huge cultural importance as it spread trade and culture between East and West dating back to the Western Han Dynasty of China in 206 BC. Xi Jinping, the president of China is drawing up plans to revive the myth and build a New Silk Road, in large parts along the old trade route. It would mark the return of a legend. It is a gigantic project, and China envisions about 60 countries being involved, or about half of humanity.


Lantern festivals also date back to the Western Han Dynasty so whilst lantern festivals are growing in popularity in the West, the Silk Road is being revived from the East. The marriage of these two great historic and cultural exports from China, make the perfect topical theme for this years Magical Lantern Festival. Visitors will discover magnificent life-sized and oversized lantern scenes, which represent and highlight this significant route of trade and culture from Europe to Ancient China.


Eis Haus Ice Bar: 

With the winter season in full flow we bring a piece of the Alps to you in west London at one of the most exciting events of the year, the Magical Lantern Festival. Beautiful Ice & Après ski, wrapped up in the Eis Haus pop-up Ice Lounge & Bar. Created by experts using over ten tons of purified crystal clear ice, literally everything you see and touch is made of ice. Upon arrival, check into the Reception, pick up your wristband and luxury insulated coat we provide and wrap up warm, it’s around -5. Once inside you will be served a complimentary shot in a real ice glass or non-alcoholic option and marvel at the stunning hand carved contemporary sculptures of arctic animals, Silk Road themed sculptures and plenty of surprises. Visit the ice cave, guarded by two howling ice wolves, capture the moment and have your picture taken by the Silk Road themed large ice sculpture features in our ice Photobooth. After you’ve visited the Ice Bar, head to the Après bar with its outdoor alpine deck, heaters, blankets and bar serving hot winter drinks with traditional treats. It’s time to sit back, relax and enjoy the chilled sounds of our vintage DJ’S.


Ice Rink: 

This year’s festival will contain a fully equipped synthetic ice-rink. The ice-rink can be found in the entertainment area where adults and children can enjoy skating against the backdrop of colourful lanterns making it a unique experience.


Virtual Reality: 

Step inside the world of Virtual Reality. The newest technology pulling you into a whole new immersive world. No doubt this will be the highlight of the entertainment area which promises to blow your mind!


Visitors select from a range of games to suit all ages and each game lasts between 3-10 minutes depending on the game chosen. From running with dinosaurs to virtual roller coasters, pick the game that excites you, sit comfortably, put on the headset and let yourself go!








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