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L.E.V. festival


April 27 – 30, 2017
Gijon, Spain






L.E.V. (Laboratory of Visual Electronics) is the International Festival of Audiovisual Creation of Gijón. A project that, since 2007, tries to provide the broadest possible view of electronic sound creation and its connection with the Visual Arts. A project with over 10 years experience which, since its inception, aims to provide the broadest possible view of electronic sound creation and its connection with the Visual Arts. L.E.V. is a festival especially focused in the natural synergy between image and sound, the live presentation, and the relationship established among audience, public space and the new artistic trends that constantly emerge on a global level.


L.E.V. is a co-production between the Principado de Asturias Government, the Gijón City Council and LABoral Art and Industrial Creation Centre and it was designed and conceived by the Asturian collective Datatrón. The festival honors by its acronym to Lev Thermen (Russian scientist father of the present-day synthesizers).


The eleventh edition of the Laboratory of Visual Electronics will be celebrated on April 27th, 28th, 29th and 30th in different venues such as Laboral City of Culture, the Theatre, LABoral Art and Industrial Creation Centre, Atlantic Botanical Garden of Gijón, as well as different museums in the city centre.



L.E.V. 2017

From April 27 to 30, the Festival will feature a lineup full of daring and innovative international acts that aim to go beyond classic formats within the fields of sound and vision creations. Performances, installations, audiovisual live shows, showcases, workshops and documentaries will compose L.E.V. Festival’s body of artistic projects.


Factory Floor‘s hypnotic postpunk, the new techno coordinates created by Samuel Kerridge and Container, the dystopic audiovisuals of collaborative projects as “Lexachast”, by Amnesia Scanner & Bill Kouligas with visual artist Harm Van Den Dorpel , “Sirens” by Novi_Sad & Ryoichi Kurokawa and its aesthetic appropriation of data from the worst economic recessions, the conversion of the invisible into light and sound by Martin Messier, or Nicolas Bernier and Alex Augier‘s synesthetic processes are the first names revealed.


Kara Lis Coverdale‘s symphony of post-sacred tones and harmonies, accompanied by MFO‘s visual imagery, Detroit pioneer John Beltran‘s new project, the new scene’s most avant-garde sounds provided by Synkro, IVVVO and Skygaze are also featured in the Festival lineup, alongside with many other that will be announced in the following weeks.













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