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Crossing Border


November 2 – 4, 2017
The Hague, The Netherlands






November in The Hague. Darkness, wind  and rain. An excellent time for soul searching and to feed your head with new ideas, stories and tunes.


Crossing Border is an international literature and music event taking place in the center of the Hague and featuring over 100 artists. There are well-known names and up-and-coming talent. It covers a wide spectrum from graphic novels and poetry to various musical genres.This year the 25th edition is celebrated with Orchestra Baobab, Spoon, Rebecca Solnit, Nick Mulvey, Margo Jefferson, Julien Baker and Tank and the Bangas. In addition to these names, Crossing Border welcomes even more sound names from the literature and music world.


The unique mix between music and literature where Crossing Border is known is still prominent. The literature also consists of the Afro-American writer Margo Jefferson in her book Negroland tells how it was to grow up in the elite of the black community in Chicago. In addition, the award-winning filmmaker and author Omar Hamilton will be present and Abdelkader Benali will read from his own work. The music program is diverse as always. Take, for example, the English singer-songwriter Nick Mulvey, the French-language hip hop artist Baloji, the Tamino sensation to Belgian Jeff Buckley. hardcore jazz postpunk crossover Robocobra or the widely acclaimed jazz singer Melanie de Biasio. After 25 editions, Crossing Border still knows to be innovative and progressive.




  • Border Kitchen – your chance to meet the authors.
  • Border Sessions – your chance to see how emerging technologies are shaping society and to meet the innovators behind these.







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For further information and ticket booking please contact us.

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