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Cheltenham Science Festival


June 6 – 11, 2017
Cheltenham, UK






Cheltenham Science Festival is a 6-day celebration of science with a programme of vibrant and thoughtful discussions, hot debates, mind-blowing performances, participative workshops and hands-on exhibitions.


The Festival is original and lively, and welcomes the audience to join scientists, engineers, comedians, writers, mathematicians and performers to explore science in new ways. Each year we look for fresh new ideas to create a broad and stimulating programme. We are keen to trial new formats and inventive ways of talking about science, and to attract people who would not normally consider attending a Science Festival.


The themes for 2017 are Music and Sound, Mysteries of the Mind and Our Future World.


Whether you are a researcher in a lab looking for a place to talk about cutting edge research, a freelance science communicator with a fabulous science show, or an audience member with an idea that you think it should be explored at the festival, then you should definitely apply.


2016 #cheltscifest celebrated new frontiers and the disruptive thinkers who work at the edges of human ability and understanding. Last year the festival focused on emerging ideas in space exploration, new technology such as Virtual Reality, and the interface between science and design through a new creative partnership with the Cheltenham Design Foundation.




Highlight of the festival is the FameLab International competition which is featuring the winners of FameLab competitions held in 25 countries across five continents.


FameLab is a communications competition designed to engage and entertain by breaking down science, technology and engineering concepts into three minute presentations. Contestants from around the world take part armed only with their wits and a few props – the result is an unpredictable, enlightening and exciting way to encourage your curiosity and find out about the latest research.








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For further information and ticket booking please contact us.

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