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Carnaval de Bahidora


February 18 – 19, 2017
Las Estacas, Morelos, Mexico






Every year, revelers flock to Carnaval de Bahidorá to see indie acts from around the world put on an unforgettable show at this weekend-long festival in the sun. This annual celebration in central Mexico features a diverse array of musical performers and also offers workshops and collective meditation. Past featured acts include De La Soul, Soul Clap, CocoRosie, Allah-las and many more.



New Surprises awaits on the fifth anniversary of carnival

It has sounded the #Bahidorá Call! And there are news of news that we will find this year at the Carnival.



Night Warmup: This is the night when we invoke the spirit of Bahidorá in Stakes, and prepare our intention for Caranaval. There will be a profiled list of national and international talents ideal for the opening of the 5th edition. In addition you will be discovering a new space of Las Estacas never before explored by the tribe.


More music: Every year the carnival has sought to increase the diversity of talent that puts the rhythm to our celebration, offering an increasing variety of unique experiences, and contributing to the internationality of the event. This year will not be the exception, and will be proposing 2 new scenarios that will allow up to 10 more artists than in previous years.




Off Stage activities: All music will be accompanied caranval well as a wider range of facilities, activities, performances, workshops and talks that wrapped the gardens, water bodies and corners of the stakes for inspiration.


Dining experience: The # LlamadoBahidorá also comes in the form of aromas and flavors. The gastronomic offer of this year will be strengthened with a special selection of delicious and innovative proposals, to be able to enjoy the carnival with all the senses.


Recovery Sunday: This edition we have prepared different isolated parties around the carnival to enjoy a musical curator ideal for Sunday, redoubled of all the delights that we generate craving the day after the carnival.







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For further information and ticket booking please contact us.

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