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Boomtown Fair


August 10 – 13, 2017
Temple Valley, Winchester, UK






Coined one of UK’s wildest immersive festivals, BoomTown Fair is a gripping concoction of utopian community living mixed with a spectrum of music and immersive theatrics. Organizers literally create a pop-up city where thousands of people from all corners of the world become residents of this fantasy world, where abnormality is the norm and eccentricity is embraced. For four days and four nights, BoomTown residents dance to a multitude of musical genres – like reggae, deep house, bluegrass, techno, electro-swing, and jazz – in nine themed districts, all while dressed in colorful, imaginative outfits.



One Town, Nine Districts

  • Barrio Loco is a district of Latino celebration and brings the best in hip-hop, bass, garage and house. A technicolor wonderland inspired by a carnivalesque aesthetic, Barrio Loco features two inner-city venues: Poco Loco, a vibrant stage serving funk and live bass music, and Circo Bassline, a circus cabaret alive with lasers and circus performers. Show your best moves at The Dance-Off or wrestle a Lucha Libre at Disscociå.


  • ChinaTown’s lively atmosphere is enhanced by energetic ska and punk music. It’s a kaleidoscope of colors thanks to neon arcade signs and traditional red lanterns, and it features eccentric attractions and venues like Alan’s Happy Ending Cinema, Dubtendo, and the animated ChinaTown Courtyard.


  • Mayfair Avenue is bourgeoisie, in a good way. If you want a little taste of high-society living sprinkled with electro-swing and jazz beats, visit this district. Spend your afternoon at The Bearded Kitten Mayfair Opera House for silly fun and games, and your night at the opulent Park Hotel.


  • OldTown is a district sporting a 18th century Pirates of the Caribbean vibe. Its main stage, The Jolly Dodger Pirate Ship, brings provocative and dramatic gypsy and folk music from across the seven seas into one steamy location.


  • TrenchTown hosts citizens who share a love for reggae music. From dub to jungle and everything between, this district is nestled in the woods where tall trees provide ample shade and sand-swept grounds are perfect for dancing.


  • DSTRKT 5 is a futuristic, post-apocalyptic district where heavy bass, drum-n-bass, techno, and jungle music rule the night. The dirty slums and citizens (costumed actors whoa re very convincing) of DSTRKT 5 may try to turn you away, but press on to find the Asbo Disco to bring out your inner joy, or The 24-Hour Garage Girls for the glamp-tastic shower you deserve. These ladies will have you cruise in one of their vehicles as they rinse you clean.


  • Wild West is the land where bluegrass, folk, and hillbilly music dominate the soundscape. Rife with citizens clad in cowboy boots and cowboy hats, chewing toothpicks and puffing cigars, BoomTown revelers will experience a dreamy, wild west filled with gun-slinging roleplay and exotic showgirl routines.


  • Whistlers Green provides BoomTown visitors a retreat from the all the fair’s madness. Lush grass fills the space where a soothing massages are a hop and skip away from a plethora of creative workshops.


  • Kidztown! is a place for little Boomers. This island hide-away brims with youthful performances, arts-and-crafts workshops, and plenty of opportunities for monkeying around.








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