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AgitÁgueda Art Festival


July 1 – 23, 2017
Águeda, Portugal







A Marathon of Culture and Activities 

The best time of year to get to know the small Portuguese town of Águeda is during the music and arts festival AgitÁgueda, a celebration of local pride that residents and tourists alike can appreciate. Spanning almost the entire month of July, the festival brings live music, DJs, performances, street art, sporting events, and more to the city’s streets.



The Concept 

AgitÁgueda makes an unparalleled contribution to the cultural landscape of the city. Since 2006, some 500 music groups and artists have been on stage. The festival’s mission is rooted not only on presenting established artists but also on the promotion of new musical projects while organising “Talentos AgitÁgueda”, a competition aimed at promoting the participation of new national artistic projects.


On the artistic scope of public art, the entire city of Águeda experiences the contact with urban art and installations of the most different types: the installation of thousands of umbrellas over the city’s streets (the Umbrella Sky Project) creates a set that becomes complete with another project of urban art that has coloured the city even further: dozens of spots were painted with appealing colour variations: from garden benches to long stairs resembling rainbows, and many other hotspots of drawing and colour. The gigantic tent that was set up for the festival with the famous umbrella decoration, is another point of interest for those visiting AgitÁgueda.



Urban Art 

The Urban Art or Street Art is the expression that refers to artistic expression developed in the public space. Encompasses all type of gear normally expressed on the street and describes the work of people who developed an artistic expression mode by using several alternative techniques. The main objective of the Urban Art is impacting viewers. It’s a good time to know the urban spaces in a relaxed way, be surprised by works of art and, perhaps, to participate and leave a witness to history. Meet the AgitÁgueda Art Festival the various urban art installations.







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